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Working together as a team is a passion. Living together the lifestyle of CrossFit, accepting the challenge of fight with yourself on a daily basis. Carried by the family atmosphere of the team. That the last one comes to the destination is just as important as the first one. No matter what gender, age, level of performance and goal that everyone pursues individually, with us everyone is welcome. Team strength and power for a healthy lifestyle is what we identify with and is very important to us.

CrossFit Undisputed Böblingen

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  • beginner class
  • open gym
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WOD is „Workout of the day“ and the main part of CrossFit training. Every day a workout of the day is put together for you from various exercises out of the main sections of crossfit – strength, conditioning, gymnastics and olympic lifting.


Beginner Class

The Beginner Class is our introductory course designed to give you the best possible start in CrossFit. Everyone who starts with us and is still inexperienced in CrossFit first goes through our 4-week beginner program.
In the beginner’s compact course, the basics for safe CrossFit training are taught. The most important exercises and movements in CrossFit are explained and learned practically. The beginner course is particularly suitable for anyone who is new to CrossFit or needs a refresher on the basic exercises.


Open Gym

Open Gym is free training – an unstructured class without a coach. Athletes
can work on their own using the programming provided by us or train on
their own and whatever they’d like to work on.